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Dr. Robert Klapper, M.D. is a leader in minimally invasive surgical technique, and holds nine patents on specially designed instruments used in the procedure. Dr. Klapper was the orthopedic consultant to the TV show “ER,” and is the co-host of ESPN Radio’s Weekend Warrior. A graduate of Columbia University, Dr. Klapper is also a writer, sculptor, and surfer!

Revolution in Knee Surgery!

Knee Surgery PatientDr. Klapper has developed a new, minimally invasive technique which vastly improves hip and knee surgery!  Read more

Bevery Hills Times Article

Knee replacement patient returns to activity pain-free

After receiving knee replacement surgery, Bill Karp calls Dr. Klapper the “best orthopedic surgeon on the planet.” Read his testimonial here.

Patient says having Dr. Klapper’s hip surgery is the “best decision he ever made”

Listen to a 70 year old patient’s enthusiastic recommendation of Dr. Klapper’s revolutionary hip surgery on ESPN radio’s Thompson & Trudell Show.

Dr. Klapper Featured in New Article in the Los Angeles Times “The California Sunday Magazine”

Bevery Hills Times Article

Read the article detailing how he translated his expertise into a career as a sports radio personality. Read more.

Illustration by Matt Corbin

Dr. Klapper: “Derrick Rose Is Not Finished”

Bevery Hills Times Article

Dr. Klapper discussed Derrick Rose’s injury and recovery in detail on Fox Sports Live.
Watch the video.

New Video: Hans & Franz Call Out Dr. Klapper!

Bevery Hills Times Article

Recently on Fox Sports Fantasy Football Uncensored, Hans & Franz had a message for Dr. Klapper! Watch the video.

By Dr. Klapper
Dr. Klapper has co-authored the books, Heal Your Knees and Heal Your Hips, which contain advice about how to avoid surgery and what do if surgery is needed.
Read more about them here.

Bevery Hills Times ArticleRead about Dr. Klapper’s passion to create in the Beverly Hills Times article, “The Artist’s Touch: Orthopedic Surgeon by Day... Sculptor by Night...” Read more.